"Imagine a world without photography, one could only imagine."- Berenice Abbott


The Epic from Red is revolutionary in the world of electronic filmmaking as it isn't just a new version of an old video camera.

The Epic camera took what was wrong with traditional video cameras and fixed it. Basically it shoots in RAW, meaning it records all the information it can unlike a normal video camera, and then gives you the option to use this information later inpost should you need it.

The world of stills photgraphy was revolutionised by this and now digital motion imaging has too with the Epic.

Because this is new way of thinking we provide crew with our epuipment to ensure you get the best out of the equipment. To ensure the images are captured correctly our camera is hired out with a digital image technician, camera operator or Director of Photography.

To find out more about crewing options with our Red's Epic camera then please get in contact and we can discuss the needs of your project

See how Red's Epic can work for you!